Timeless Collection – The Making Of…

Timeless Collection – The Making Of…

The collection presents the designs of „Fleur”, „Lily” and „Heart”. The earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets shine by the virtue of femininity.

The classic line of the design made from yellow, rosé and white gold, diamonds and precious stones gives it a classy touch, a vintage charm and glamour.

gold - diamonds - citrine - quartz - carnelian - pearl

gold – diamonds – citrine – quartz – carnelian – pearl

I made this collection for sophisticated women who love to take care of details, who love the melange of classic design, precious metals and the diamonds fire.

lapis lazuli - carnelian

lapis lazuli – carnelian

In Germany there is a noteworthy city called Idar-Oberstein, where each second house offers precious stones, diamonds, emeralds etc.. There I found the diamonds and precious stones I required for my work. Very nice drops of mother-of-pearl, charming briolette of citrine and rose quartz (that I fall in love with), sober lapis-lazuli and astonishing blood-red carnelian drops.

gold - diamonds - lapis lazuli

gold – diamonds – lapis lazuli

I personally was surprised how pleasant the combination of rosé gold with lapis-lazuli fits and how lucky I was to find this pretty and happy-girlish rose quartz briolette. I worked on this collection with a constant smile on my face and I enjoyed it all the way.

You might choose a pair of jeans, perhaps a cocktail dress, either way, I wish each piece of the „Timeless” collection to seduce and inspire each time they are worn.

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