Timeless Collection – The Making Of…

Timeless Collection – The Making Of…

The col­lec­tion presents the designs of „Fleur”, „Lily” and „Heart”. The ear­rings, pendants, rings and brace­lets shine by the vir­tue of fem­in­in­ity.

The clas­sic line of the design made from yel­low, rosé and white gold, dia­monds and pre­cious stones gives it a classy touch, a vin­tage charm and glam­our.

gold - diamonds - citrine - quartz - carnelian - pearl

gold – dia­monds – cit­rine – quartz – car­ne­li­an – pearl

I made this col­lec­tion for soph­ist­ic­ated women who love to take care of details, who love the melange of clas­sic design, pre­cious metals and the dia­monds fire.

lapis lazuli - carnelian

lapis lazuli – car­ne­li­an

In Ger­many there is a note­worthy city called Idar-Ober­stein, where each second house offers pre­cious stones, dia­monds, emer­alds etc.. There I found the dia­monds and pre­cious stones I required for my work. Very nice drops of moth­er-of-pearl, charm­ing bri­olette of cit­rine and rose quartz (that I fall in love with), sober lapis-lazuli and aston­ish­ing blood-red car­ne­li­an drops.

gold - diamonds - lapis lazuli

gold – dia­monds – lapis lazuli

I per­son­ally was sur­prised how pleas­ant the com­bin­a­tion of rosé gold with lapis-lazuli fits and how lucky I was to find this pretty and happy-girl­ish rose quartz bri­olette. I worked on this col­lec­tion with a con­stant smile on my face and I enjoyed it all the way.

You might choose a pair of jeans, per­haps a cock­tail dress, either way, I wish each piece of the „Time­less” col­lec­tion to seduce and inspire each time they are worn.

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