Elena Cris­an developed her cre­at­ive skills study­ing art at the Art High School and then sculp­ture at the Art Uni­ver­sity.

She focuses on pro­du­cing unique jew­ellery, or ’pre­cious sculp­tures’. Some of her designs are dra­mat­ic in a the­at­ric­al sense, oth­ers examples of clas­sic graph­ic design. All pieces express Elena’s pas­sion for life and cre­ativ­ity through skil­ful manip­u­la­tion of col­our, tex­ture and shape.

I want my cre­ations to be seen as ‘per­son­al treas­ure’,” she says. “Intim­ate jew­ellery that has unique value, mean­ing and state­ment for the wear­er. Or, as we say in Romania, ‘a piece of your heart’.”