More than a ring

More than a ring

What does it take for a piece of jew­ellery to become really yours ?

The first thought might be, that it has to have the design you desire, or that it should fit your body, maybe the met­al or the stone should be of a cer­tain col­our or value.

My wish is, that after read­ing this blog you’ll find your own answer, and also will see the beauty of your jew­ellery in a dif­fer­ent light and make you enjoy it more.

I will answer the above ques­tion by show­ing you some pic­tures I took dur­ing an excit­ing road trip through parts of Europe last Novem­ber. Me and my fam­ily star­ted our trip in Ger­many and drove down to North­ern Italy. From there we con­tin­ued to the Rivi­era and ended up at Nice in France.

At Lago Mag­giore we stayed only in the clouds for three days, so we decided to go fur­ther south to the sea where the sun is. We reached Finale Lig­ure at the Rivi­era wel­com­ing us with 18° degrees Celsi­us and sun­shine. We enjoyed the beau­ti­ful weath­er, deli­cious food, friendly people, the sea and of course the sun.

Count­ing tun­nels…

Being only a day trip away from France and know­ing that a close friend of ours lives there, we decided to con­tin­ue the road trip towards the French met­ro­pole. The sunny weath­er fol­lowed us, again we met nice people, enjoyed the sea­side, this time with even great­er waves than at Finale Lig­ure.

Stony beach at Finale Lig­ure

Hid­ing on a Travertine bench

Finale Lig­ure – view on the beach

Nice – Foun­tain of youth

Spon­tan­eously we decided to vis­it the city of Cannes, just 40 minutes away from our friends place. Just rain, a lot of rain actu­ally, but with big waves, a very spec­tac­u­lar (and wet) day !

Rose­mary and sun in Nice

Finale Lig­ure, rest­ing in the sand

Nice, enjoy­ing the sun and the sound of the sea

Nice, enjoy­ing the sun and sound of the sea

Return­ing to Ger­many I like to share this pic­tures with you. If I would not present them to you in con­nec­tion with the trip, they were just nice pic­tures, nice impres­sions from some­where or just a ring in a pic­ture…

Look­ing at the pic­tures with the Gar­net ring, my con­clu­sion is, that the ring trans­formed ; I look at it in a dif­fer­ent way now, it became part of my memory, it became me. The ring stays alive in my con­sious­ness because of my exper­i­ences and in response it con­tin­ues inspir­ing me on and on.

What would hap­pen if you would become more aware of your jew­ellery and let it shine only for you once in a while ?

I hope you enjoy the post­card pic­tures !

Let your jew­ellery inspire you more !

Does winter really has to come ?

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