More than a ring

More than a ring

What does it take for a piece of jewellery to become really yours?

The first thought might be, that it has to have the design you desire, or that it should fit your body, maybe the metal or the stone should be of a certain colour or value.

My wish is, that after reading this blog you’ll find your own answer, and also will see the beauty of your jewellery in a different light and make you enjoy it more.

I will answer the above question by showing you some pictures I took during an exciting road trip through parts of Europe last November. Me and my family started our trip in Germany and drove down to Northern Italy. From there we continued to the Riviera and ended up at Nice in France.

At Lago Maggiore we stayed only in the clouds for three days, so we decided to go further south to the sea where the sun is. We reached Finale Ligure at the Riviera welcoming us with 18° degrees Celsius and sunshine. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, delicious food, friendly people, the sea and of course the sun.

Counting tunnels…

Being only a day trip away from France and knowing that a close friend of ours lives there, we decided to continue the road trip towards the French metropole. The sunny weather followed us, again we met nice people, enjoyed the seaside, this time with even greater waves than at Finale Ligure.

Stony beach at Finale Ligure

Hiding on a Travertine bench

Finale Ligure – view on the beach

Nice – Fountain of youth

Spontaneously we decided to visit the city of Cannes, just 40 minutes away from our friends place. Just rain, a lot of rain actually, but with big waves, a very spectacular (and wet) day!

Rosemary and sun in Nice

Finale Ligure, resting in the sand

Nice, enjoying the sun and the sound of the sea

Nice, enjoying the sun and sound of the sea

Returning to Germany I like to share this pictures with you. If I would not present them to you in connection with the trip, they were just nice pictures, nice impressions from somewhere or just a ring in a picture…

Looking at the pictures with the Garnet ring, my conclusion is, that the ring transformed; I look at it in a different way now, it became part of my memory, it became me. The ring stays alive in my consiousness because of my experiences and in response it continues inspiring me on and on.

What would happen if you would become more aware of your jewellery and let it shine only for you once in a while?

I hope you enjoy the postcard pictures!

Let your jewellery inspire you more!

Does winter really has to come?

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