Garnet River

Garnet River

Gar­net River

A friend asked me some time ago to help her to present a spe­cial gift to her beloved mom. The pleas­ure of hand­ling this cre­at­ive chal­lenge allowed me to express my love for gar­nets and nature. It was such a pleas­ure to play and cre­ate this beau­ti­ful chaos that gives the feel­ing of con­stant change and move­ment.

I named the pre­cious set “Gar­net River”.

Neck­lace, brace­let and ear­rings are made of 18k white gold, the few sun spells are made of yel­low gold. Gar­nets of dif­fer­ent shapes com­plete the set.
Let me share with you some moments I cap­tured while work­ing on it. I hope you’ll enjoy !


gold wire – neck­lace sketch

brace­let sketch – gold wire

wires copy­ing the draw­ing

ear­rings sketch – gar­nets

brace­let – gold – gar­nets

neck­lace – gold – gar­nets

clos­ing part – gar­net – gold – neck­lace

river gar­net set

neck­lace – brace­let – gold – gar­nets

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