Garnet River

Garnet River

Garnet River

A friend asked me some time ago to help her to present a special gift to her beloved mom. The pleasure of handling this creative challenge allowed me to express my love for garnets and nature. It was such a pleasure to play and create this beautiful chaos that gives the feeling of constant change and movement.

I named the precious set “Garnet River”.

Necklace, bracelet and earrings are made of 18k white gold, the few sun spells are made of yellow gold. Garnets of different shapes complete the set.
Let me share with you some moments I captured while working on it. I hope you’ll enjoy!


gold wire – necklace sketch

bracelet sketch – gold wire

wires copying the drawing

earrings sketch – garnets

bracelet – gold – garnets

necklace – gold – garnets

closing part – garnet – gold – necklace

river garnet set

necklace – bracelet – gold – garnets

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