The Queen’s Jew­ellery

This col­lec­tion is so dearly-loved by me, that its con­tinu­ation came nat­ur­ally. Without hav­ing a cer­tain queen in mind, the new pieces became alive through my love and fas­cin­a­tion for pre­cious stones and mys­tery of ancient arts.

sil­ver – gold – turmaline
sil­ver – gold – agate
sil­ver – gold – gar­net – rubies
sil­ver – gold – gar­net – ruby
sil­ver – gold – gar­net – ruby
sil­ver – gold – ruby
sil­ver – gold – blue sap­phire
sil­ver – gold

Queen Anna

Anna, is the first ring of the col­lec­tion. Inspired by Queen Anna of Romania, who has a won­der­ful love story and gave birth to five daugh­ters.

Monu­ment­al in appear­ance, this ring is made of oxi­dase sil­ver with dif­fer­ent nuances of gold. It includes a baroque pearl and four rubies.

sil­ver – yel­low gold – baroque pearl – rubies

Queen Sofia

The Sofia ring is named after Queen Sofia of Spain, con­sidered one of the most fash­ion­able roy­als in Europe.

The ring has an eleg­ant geo­met­ric look, due to the rose gold circles and a sur­prise touch of flair on the sides : four rubies and rose gold dots giv­ing a dec­or­at­ive touch.

sil­ver – rose gold – rubies – tsa­vor­ite

Queen Cleopatra

Cleo­patra ring and ear­rings are inspired from the Egyp­tian pharaoh, Cleo­patra. The jew­ellery has lapis-lazuli stones and gold accents on a sil­ver base.

Though Cleo­patra is one of the most well known women of all time, what I like is this detail about her : “…She also pos­sessed a most charm­ing voice and know­ledge of how to make her­self agree­able to any­one”- Cas­si­us Dios

sil­ver – yel­low gold – lapis-lazuli

Queen Beatrice

Beatrice is inspired by Beatrice of Eng­land, who played an import­ant role in Eng­lish his­tory and had the luck to marry her love match the king of France, John de Dreux.

The ring is made of sil­ver with a yel­low gold line accent with four rubies and a very dec­or­at­ive line of dots around the edges.

sil­ver – yel­low gold – rubies

Queen Eugénie

Eugénie is named after the last Empress of the French, Eugenie de Montijo. She strongly advoc­ated equal­ity for woman.

The ring is huge. It is made of sil­ver, oxi­dase, with yel­low gold and four blue sap­phires. It dis­plays the Fleur-de-lis in gold on its sides.

sil­ver – yel­low gold – blue sap­phires

Queen Elisabeth

The Elisa­beth ring is inspired by Queen Elisa­beth I of Eng­land. The ring is made of sil­ver with rubies and  yel­low gold.

sil­ver – yel­low gold – rubies

Queen Elena

The Elena ring is inspired more from Greek cul­ture than a cer­tain queen ; the medi­ev­al mood is evoked by the oxi­dase sil­ver con­trast­ing with yel­low gold and a ruby.

sil­ver – yel­low gold – rubies

Queen Maria

Maria : this ring is inspired by Queen Mar­ie of Romania. Prin­cess Anne Mar­ie Cal­lima­chi, a close friend of Marie’s, wrote that “as Crown Prin­cess, [Mar­ie] has been pop­u­lar ; as queen, she was more loved”.

The ring is simple, made of sil­ver with five gold circles on top of an oxid­ised back.

sil­ver – yel­low gold

Queen Olga

Olga is the ring that sym­bol­ises the repe­ti­tion of his­tory. Olga of Rus­sia, later Olga of the Hel­lenes, lived a life full of exper­i­ences. The ring she inspired is made of sil­ver with yel­low gold and four orange sap­phires on its sides.

sil­ver – yel­low gold – sap­phires