The Queen’s Jewellery

This collection is so dearly-loved by me, that its continuation came naturally. Without having a certain queen in mind, the new pieces became alive through my love and fascination for precious stones and mystery of ancient arts.

silver - gold - turmaline
silver - gold - agate
silver - gold - garnet - rubies
silver - gold - garnet - ruby
silver - gold - garnet - ruby
silver - gold - ruby
silver - gold - blue sapphire
silver - gold

Queen Anna

Anna, is the first ring of the collection. Inspired by Queen Anna of Romania, who has a wonderful love story and gave birth to five daughters.

Monumental in appearance, this ring is made of oxidase silver with different nuances of gold. It includes a baroque pearl and four rubies.

silver - yellow gold - baroque pearl - rubies

Queen Sofia

The Sofia ring is named after Queen Sofia of Spain, considered one of the most fashionable royals in Europe.

The ring has an elegant geometric look, due to the rose gold circles and a surprise touch of flair on the sides: four rubies and rose gold dots giving a decorative touch.

silver - rose gold - rubies - tsavorite

Queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra ring and earrings are inspired from the Egyptian pharaoh, Cleopatra. The jewellery has lapis-lazuli stones and gold accents on a silver base.

Though Cleopatra is one of the most well known women of all time, what I like is this detail about her: “…She also possessed a most charming voice and knowledge of how to make herself agreeable to anyone”- Cassius Dios

silver - yellow gold - lapis-lazuli

Queen Beatrice

Beatrice is inspired by Beatrice of England, who played an important role in English history and had the luck to marry her love match the king of France, John de Dreux.

The ring is made of silver with a yellow gold line accent with four rubies and a very decorative line of dots around the edges.

silver - yellow gold - rubies

Queen Eugénie

Eugénie is named after the last Empress of the French, Eugenie de Montijo. She strongly advocated equality for woman.

The ring is huge. It is made of silver, oxidase, with yellow gold and four blue sapphires. It displays the Fleur-de-lis in gold on its sides.

silver - yellow gold - blue sapphires

Queen Elisabeth

The Elisabeth ring is inspired by Queen Elisabeth I of England. The ring is made of silver with rubies and  yellow gold.

silver - yellow gold - rubies

Queen Elena

The Elena ring is inspired more from Greek culture than a certain queen; the medieval mood is evoked by the oxidase silver contrasting with yellow gold and a ruby.

silver - yellow gold - rubies

Queen Maria

Maria: this ring is inspired by Queen Marie of Romania. Princess Anne Marie Callimachi, a close friend of Marie’s, wrote that “as Crown Princess, [Marie] has been popular; as queen, she was more loved”.

The ring is simple, made of silver with five gold circles on top of an oxidised back.

silver - yellow gold

Queen Olga

Olga is the ring that symbolises the repetition of history. Olga of Russia, later Olga of the Hellenes, lived a life full of experiences. The ring she inspired is made of silver with yellow gold and four orange sapphires on its sides.

silver - yellow gold - sapphires