Only Petals

I tried to rep­res­ent the del­ic­ate petals of a bunch of flowers togeth­er in a ring – so many that you can see noth­ing but the petals.

I really like the tex­ture of the petals, the com­plex shapes and res­ist­ance from the thin sur­face. I pol­ished the petals in dif­fer­ent styles to achieve great­er volume.


Two Flowers

The branch changes dir­ec­tion around the fin­ger and then con­tin­ues in a sim­il­ar style, gives the ring a dynam­ic feel­ing. The flowers are almost in bloom.

This is a two-fin­ger ring and looks like it con­tin­ues to grow on your hand.

sil­ver – gold

Blooming Flower

A branch, a bloom­ing flower and a yel­low sap­phire, rep­res­ent­ing the sun – that’s what this ring is all about.

The branch wraps around the fin­ger and con­tin­ues to grow while the flower searches for the sun ; the golden dots are early buds.

sil­ver – yel­low gold – sap­phire

Pink Buds

Two cherry flower buds emerge from behind a pink quartz stone and a small ruby bud. The flowers are frozen in time dur­ing the brief moment before bloom­ing.

This ring is the first of its col­lec­tion and it’s adjustable.

sil­ver – rose quartz – ruby

Sparkling Cherry Flower

This piece is inspired by fall­ing flowers, that’s why the ring around the fin­ger is so del­ic­ate. The two white zir­conia stones bring out the bright white of the petals, that only lasts for a day after fall­ing from the branch.

sil­ver – zir­conia