My pre­cious book­mark” is the name of the col­lec­tion presen­ted in 2015.

Made from sil­ver, gold and pre­cious stones, the book­mark becomes an intim­ate object that trans­forms read­ing into a delight­ful ritu­al.

Below you can see “couple-book­marks”, book­marks for trav­el­ing (which are flat­ter), book­marks with a clas­sic­al fix­ing sys­tem and one with three fin­gers.

sil­ver – ruby
gold – sap­phire
sil­ver – gold – ruby
sil­ver – sap­phire
sil­ver – car­ne­li­an – agate – emer­ald
sil­ver – car­ne­li­an
sil­ver – amber
sil­ver – gold – gar­net