A Bee Story

A Bee Story

The bees are enjoying the spring sun and the first flowers from the garden palace. Except that the nice smelling flowers are like the poisoned apple of a different story.

Meant to protect the plants from the parasites, neonicotinoids (neonics) are substances that dissolve in water than spread on the soil or sprayed directly on the flower. 

These substances remain active on the hole lifetime of the plant. When the plant reaches maturity it contains all over neonicotinoids.

The bees are pollinating the flowers having contact on a big surface of their body with the plant therefore with the insecticide. Neonics prevent bees from cleaning therefore are more easy to contact parasites. In case a bee reaches the beehive, the contaminated pollen will mix with the other bees harvest. One of the side effects of neonicotinoids is the affecting of the guidance system of the bee that prevent it to reach the beehive, so it dies on the way home. Not reaching with pollen, nectar or water the hole bee colony has to suffer.

Studies showed that inside pollen 32 types of pesticides have been found. “The Cocktail” served to the plants affects not just bees but worms and butterflies as well.

My project describes an ideal scenario where pesticides are forbidden and being replaced with ecological methods that have in consequence an increase of the population of endangered insect species. 

The bees presented are silver pins. They are gilded with 18k gold to underline the inestimable value for mankind and the planet.

The flower sheltering a ruby is a handcrafted brooch made of silver, gilded.

Few golden bees are flying charmed by the perfume of a flower collecting the nectar required for the liquor of gods.



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