A Bee Story

A Bee Story

The bees are enjoy­ing the spring sun and the first flowers from the garden palace. Except that the nice smelling flowers are like the poisoned apple of a dif­fer­ent story.

Meant to pro­tect the plants from the para­sites, neonicotin­oids (neonics) are sub­stances that dis­solve in water than spread on the soil or sprayed dir­ectly on the flower. 

These sub­stances remain act­ive on the hole life­time of the plant. When the plant reaches matur­ity it con­tains all over neonicotin­oids.

The bees are pol­lin­at­ing the flowers hav­ing con­tact on a big sur­face of their body with the plant there­fore with the insect­icide. Neonics pre­vent bees from clean­ing there­fore are more easy to con­tact para­sites. In case a bee reaches the bee­hive, the con­tam­in­ated pol­len will mix with the oth­er bees har­vest. One of the side effects of neonicotin­oids is the affect­ing of the guid­ance sys­tem of the bee that pre­vent it to reach the bee­hive, so it dies on the way home. Not reach­ing with pol­len, nec­tar or water the hole bee colony has to suf­fer.

Stud­ies showed that inside pol­len 32 types of pesti­cides have been found. “The Cock­tail” served to the plants affects not just bees but worms and but­ter­flies as well.

My pro­ject describes an ideal scen­ario where pesti­cides are for­bid­den and being replaced with eco­lo­gic­al meth­ods that have in con­sequence an increase of the pop­u­la­tion of endangered insect spe­cies. 

The bees presen­ted are sil­ver pins. They are gil­ded with 18k gold to under­line the ines­tim­able value for man­kind and the plan­et.

The flower shel­ter­ing a ruby is a hand­craf­ted brooch made of sil­ver, gil­ded.

Few golden bees are fly­ing charmed by the per­fume of a flower col­lect­ing the nec­tar required for the liquor of gods.



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